If there is one word that shapes and defines Peacebone’s sound, it’s experimentation. Since its inception, the Vevey-based modern blues rock band have created a sound of their own, that vacillates from sombre, reverb-soaked ballads to punchy, rhythmic tracks. Dynamic guitar riffs wind their way beneath Rebekah Atkinson’s powerful, chocolatey-smooth vocals, poured into captivating melodies that leave heart and soul aching for more.

Driven by their passion for creating music, the band’s calendar is packed full of upcoming releases, including their new album Warm Paint which was just released on the 19th of May.

In 2021, Peacebone released their first album “Metanoïa,” recorded at “Big Snuff Studios” in Berlin by Richard Behrens (producer of Kadavar), and produced by Robin Girod (Bandit Voyage). Having shared a stage with the likes of Onlap, Peacebone have performed at popular clubs such as the Rocking Chair and at the Montreux Jazz Festival.


Rebekah Atkinson

Lead vocalist, keyboard (22 years old)

Samuel Lucchini

Lead guitar (23 years old)

Julien Bonzon

Bassist (23 years old)

Simon Bradford

Drummer (23 years old)

Colin Rochat

Rhythm Guitarist (17 years old)